Providing Clean Water Leads to Living Water in India

Most of us take for granted the precious clean water which flows from our taps. But for many villages in India, this life necessity is often in short supply. It is not unusual for families to walk several miles each day to bring home the water they need. When good well water is not available, polluted stream water must be used. In that regard the United Nations reported that India is rated 120th out of the 122 nations in terms of water quality. The good news is that HBI’s ministry partners can provide a well to a village they are evangelizing that will not only cut a community’s child death rate by one half but open the whole village to the gospel. Each well can be drilled for $1000. And now with a matching grant of $4000 that has been provided, your gift can be doubled up to that amount. The wells shown here were provided by HBI donors last year. Help make this Christmas one where earthly water gives rise to heavenly rivers flowing in the lives of new Indian believers?

To give for any of these items, go to our Contribute page to make your contribution. Simply enter in the gift designation box which items you are giving for. You can also send your gifts to Hope Builders International, PO Box 91359, Austin, TX 78709.

Rising Against Radical Islam in Uganda…

Gertrude Kabatalemwa was born into a chieftain’s family in northwest Uganda. During these horrific years she endured the murder of her husband, the kidnapping of a son and the murder of her second husband. But the Lord saved her and called her to serve Him. She began by reaching out to the destitute children in her homeland. She started a school with 25 children. That school now serves over 600 students ages 4 to 16.

Gertrude’s goal is to raise up 1000 highly educated students who love God, will become leaders in their society and who will stand against the rising tide of radical Islam that is coming in from the north. The government will not accredit the existing dilapidated buildings used by the secondary students so the foundation is being laid for a new secondary school building. This will offer much improved classroom space for the growing numbers of students. Gertrude’s hope this year is to finish the first floor so that classes can begin in the new building. $50-$100 for building materials.

Training Up Youth for a Life of Outreach

Our ministry partners in Delhi, India have a passion to see young people come to know the love of Jesus. For this reason, these partners establish orphanages in which orphaned, abandoned and marginalized children can be raised to love and serve God. Special training sessions like the one pictured here, are designed to train the young people in reaching youth. This is important work as statistics show that 71% of those who come to Christ do so before the age of 15. Many of these young ones will grow up to become pastors, missionaries and leaders in their communities. Will you help us provide warm clothing for the orphanage children? One child, like Reza, shown here, can get a winter set of clothes for $20.

Speaking Freedom to Middle Eastern Women

What is a Muslim’s woman’s greatest fear? They have been dominated and abused. They have been taught that their opinion does not matter to man or to God. The reality is they face many fears. But the greatest of them all is death. Why? Because according to Islam, hell is mostly comprised of women. But now many are receiving a new message. Amani came to faith in Christ after living under the oppression of Islam . Because of her background, she can address women’s problems and matters of the heart. Today millions are tuning in to watch her programs. The programs deal with problems that Muslim women face, but can’t discuss. They offer Christian answers. Your gift of $100 can contribute to airing a new episode. When you consider how many are watching each episode this is a tremendous outreach. Now is the time for the Muslim world to hear the message of life in Christ. Hundreds are coming to Christ every month.

Your Gifts for Goats Give Widows a New Start

woman with goat
Nepal’s Hindu society harshly discriminates against widows. The treatment is even worse if they are from low caste communities. The lives of widows living below the poverty line can be made a living hell. Our partners in Nepal: God’s Love for Widows and Orphans (GLOW) have a strategy that helps widows deal with the reality of being cast aside by the culture when they lose their husbands. That strategy involves goats. Goats are easy to raise and much in demand by the Nepali people. They are a favorite source of meat as well as milk. These products can be sold to provide widows with a steady income to support them and their children. Through HBI’s support GLOW has started to provide goats to widows like Kanu, pictured here, in the areas where GLOW is working. Will you help us expand this ministry of love?

Reaching the Unreached: Going to the Mankidias

The Mankidia tribals in eastern India are a nomadic group of poverty stricken people. These tribals are without hope and without God in the world. Now, thanks to the efforts of Orissa Follow-Up that has begun to change. OFU’s efforts are first targeted at the Mankidia children as they are the most vulnerable. They are poor in every sense, suffering from malnutrition, lack of education, disease, unsanitary living conditions and social isolation. OFU opened a literacy center for the children, providing them with warm clothes and feeding them three meals a week. This has opened the hearts of their parents to the Gospel. Two Mankidia men have come to the Lord and are receiving training in the Scriptures. They will become the first Mankidia missionaries to their own tribe. Will you help OFU reach the Mankidias! $10 provides a set of clothes for one child. $70 will provide a bicycle for a Mankidia missionary. Let’s help reach this unreached tribe for God!

Help the Mankidias: $10-$70