Providing Clean Water Leads to Living Water in India

Most of us take for granted the precious clean water which flows from our taps. But for many villages in India, this life necessity is often in short supply. It is not unusual for families to walk several miles each day to bring home the water they need. When good well water is not available, polluted stream water must be used. In that regard the United Nations reported that India is rated 120th out of the 122 nations in terms of water quality. The good news is that HBI’s ministry partners can provide a well to a village they are evangelizing that will not only cut a community’s child death rate by one half but open the whole village to the gospel. Each well can be drilled for $1000. And now with a matching grant of $4000 that has been provided, your gift can be doubled up to that amount. The wells shown here were provided by HBI donors last year. Help make this Christmas one where earthly water gives rise to heavenly rivers flowing in the lives of new Indian believers?

To give for any of these items, go to our Contribute page to make your contribution. Simply enter in the gift designation box which items you are giving for. You can also send your gifts to Hope Builders International, PO Box 91359, Austin, TX 78709.

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