Speaking Freedom to Middle Eastern Women

What is a Muslim’s woman’s greatest fear? They have been dominated and abused. They have been taught that their opinion does not matter to man or to God. The reality is they face many fears. But the greatest of them all is death. Why? Because according to Islam, hell is mostly comprised of women. But now many are receiving a new message. Amani came to faith in Christ after living under the oppression of Islam . Because of her background, she can address women’s problems and matters of the heart. Today millions are tuning in to watch her programs. The programs deal with problems that Muslim women face, but can’t discuss. They offer Christian answers. Your gift of $100 can contribute to airing a new episode. When you consider how many are watching each episode this is a tremendous outreach. Now is the time for the Muslim world to hear the message of life in Christ. Hundreds are coming to Christ every month.

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