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the-story-of-vela-bhaiHaving lost six children, one after the other, Vela was desperate for help. He tried every kind of worship,went to the witch doctors, but nothing was happening. And then his uncle died. These continuous deaths in his home rattled him and he thought that it would be better to end his life. But the thought of his tired wife and the hardships that she would have to face, forced him to stay alive.

Then in a vision he saw a cross and felt that if somehow he reached it, he would be healed and set free from this curse of death in his family. He started to ask people where He could find this cross and was surprised to find a church building with a cross on it very close to his house. He went there, was prayed for and God delivered him completely from his fear. Today Vela has four grown up children and is also the proud grandfather of three grandchildren!”

Pastor Vela Bhai is one of the many people serving Jesus who has a dramatic story of conversion. Pictured here, today he is the pastor of three congregations and does not have a single minute to waste as he runs between services and villages, doing God’s will and restoring people to God like he himself was restored.

Recently provided with a new motorbike to make his travels easier, Vela shared these thoughts, “I was praying for a motorbike to help me move around faster and God gave this bike to me through the help of friends. I praise God for this gift and I am using it daily to commute and to win more and more people to the Lord. I have seen the darkness and I have seen the light. I want everyone to enjoy this light and I will do everything possible to share this light with one and all.”

Many more pastors and evangelists are waiting for bicycles and motorbikes that will enable them to reach many more villages for Jesus. Go to our contribution page to help in this effort.

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