What Does Persecution Look Like In India

Christians around the nation of India find themselves increasingly under threat. This hostility is often driven by an ongoing belief among some that Indians ought to be of a singular belief systtem — and any faith outside
of that system is not welcome in India.

This mindset has led to violent attacks across the country and impunity for the people who perpetrate this violence, especially in places where the authorities are also not empathetic toward Christians.

More and more states are also implementing anti-conversion laws, creating
an environment where any Christian who shares their faith can be accused of a crime, intimidated, harassed and even met with violence. Additionally, this hasn’t stopped mass “homecoming” campaigns whereby certain nationalists put tremendous pressure on Christian converts, telling them to return to their previous faith.

Who is most vulnerable to persecution?

Christ followers who come from other backgrounds are the most vulnerable to persecution across India, particularly communities who have faced historical oppression or discrimination such as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Additionally, church leaders and their families can be particular targets in places that are heavily influenced by violent extremists.

Ordaining couples to meet the need of the emerging Church

“Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
– Matthew 9:38

North Kerala is a very unreached area in terms of the gospel and our team of pastors and leaders are working there tirelessly to bring the good news to a vast number of people. Informal training seminars, prayer schools and conferences help to keep the vision upfront.

The recent conference was a great blessing as over 150 missionaries gathered together for three days of teaching, training, fellowshiping and imparting.

Several couples were ordained and released into the mission fields. This was in answer to a lot of prayer for new workers. The general meetings in the night were a source of great encouragement to the people. We are now praying that we can support these new families to start working in pioneer locations and we invite your sacrificial and prayerful giving towards this great cause.

Water Well Drilling: Stories of Impact

In one village, an open well and small pond were the only sources of water, but they often failed to provide a sufficient supply of clean water. In the summertime, these sources often dried up. When rain once again filled the pond, it was commonly accompanied by leaves, garbage and cow manure. Unclean water led to various waterborne diseases and it was affecting the most vulnerable in the society, the little children and the elderly. Something needed to change.

Change came after NMM pastor Vikalson In Central India learned of their water crisis. Soon, the village
received a Jesus Well, at no cost to the community. Now the village has clean water year-round, protected from other contaminants and meeting the dire need of dozens of families.

Change was not only restricted to how they get their clean water but now this community is an example to others of water conservation and also caring for the children and the elderly. They have also reduced their medical bills and are happy to share and serve those around them through various means.


We are very happy with the high-quality pasta that we have accumulated from many shipments from dear partners. 

We would like to prepare parcels built around the pasta, to enable families to provide good meals for their household members during 2024. 

We would like to prepare and distribute 1000 parcels monthly that contain 7 items as follows:




Pasta (from our inventory)


Tomato paste






Chicken bouillon



Corned Beef



Cooking oil (1Litre)



Dry Onions (1Kg)



Transportation & Distribution






We would like to make these distributions throughout the year, starting in February.

Distribution will be through churches and individuals to underprivileged and vulnerable families. 

A New Update from Jordan

Dear Friends,

We received this message from our ministry partners in Jordan today.

In this terribly troubled time, and with Christmas just around the corner, our friends are seeking to minister to as many physically and spiritually hungry people as they can.

This includes providing some help to hundreds and hundreds of refugees who are reachable by their ministry teams.

Here are their two projects for the Christmas season:

A. Food parcels for 200 needy Christian families. Each parcel cost is $30. This lasts a family of 2 for 2 weeks; a family of 4 for 1 week. Each parcel contains these usual basics: dried foods (pasta and legumes; tea, sugar, some canned food)

B. Christmas tubs for 1000 needy children in villages in the south of Jordan. Each reusable storage tub includes booklets with the story of Jesus, hygiene items, books, simple toys and snacks. Each tub costs $10.

Thank you, friends for your prayers and help in these times when the love and message of the Gospel is so desperately needed.

With love in Christ,

Lance & Christie Thollander – On behalf of the Manara Ministry Team

March, 2022 – Update from Ukraine

Dear Friends,

We are so grateful for the support that has come in for those suffering under the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

For over 15 years I served on the Board of Christian Educators Outreach which supported educational work and teacher funding for schools in Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe as well as reaching out to orphans and street kids in Kiev and its environs.

This ministry goes on today finding itself in a very strategic position to help both Ukrainians seeking safety and thousands of refugees who are streaming West to find shelter there.

The camp which they bought and have supported for 20 years, Stream of Love, outside of Vinnytsia has become a place of shelter and supply for many in need.

Your gifts are going directly to help in that effort as our partners provide food, medical supplies, Christian literature, and blankets to displaced Ukrainians fleeing the violence.

The situation remains very dire with air raid sirens going off almost every hour as Russian bombing and air attacks continue on throughout the country. Your prayers and support are helping to sustain and show the love of God to many in this desperate time.


Thank you!

Lance & Christie Thollander

For Hope Builders International