Your Gifts for Goats Give Widows a New Start

woman with goat
Nepal’s Hindu society harshly discriminates against widows. The treatment is even worse if they are from low caste communities. The lives of widows living below the poverty line can be made a living hell. Our partners in Nepal: God’s Love for Widows and Orphans (GLOW) have a strategy that helps widows deal with the reality of being cast aside by the culture when they lose their husbands. That strategy involves goats. Goats are easy to raise and much in demand by the Nepali people. They are a favorite source of meat as well as milk. These products can be sold to provide widows with a steady income to support them and their children. Through HBI’s support GLOW has started to provide goats to widows like Kanu, pictured here, in the areas where GLOW is working. Will you help us expand this ministry of love?

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