A New Update from Jordan

Dear Friends,

We received this message from our ministry partners in Jordan today.

In this terribly troubled time, and with Christmas just around the corner, our friends are seeking to minister to as many physically and spiritually hungry people as they can.

This includes providing some help to hundreds and hundreds of refugees who are reachable by their ministry teams.

Here are their two projects for the Christmas season:

A. Food parcels for 200 needy Christian families. Each parcel cost is $30. This lasts a family of 2 for 2 weeks; a family of 4 for 1 week. Each parcel contains these usual basics: dried foods (pasta and legumes; tea, sugar, some canned food)

B. Christmas tubs for 1000 needy children in villages in the south of Jordan. Each reusable storage tub includes booklets with the story of Jesus, hygiene items, books, simple toys and snacks. Each tub costs $10.

Thank you, friends for your prayers and help in these times when the love and message of the Gospel is so desperately needed.

With love in Christ,

Lance & Christie Thollander – On behalf of the Manara Ministry Team

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