What Does Persecution Look Like In India

Christians around the nation of India find themselves increasingly under threat. This hostility is often driven by an ongoing belief among some that Indians ought to be of a singular belief systtem — and any faith outside
of that system is not welcome in India.

This mindset has led to violent attacks across the country and impunity for the people who perpetrate this violence, especially in places where the authorities are also not empathetic toward Christians.

More and more states are also implementing anti-conversion laws, creating
an environment where any Christian who shares their faith can be accused of a crime, intimidated, harassed and even met with violence. Additionally, this hasn’t stopped mass “homecoming” campaigns whereby certain nationalists put tremendous pressure on Christian converts, telling them to return to their previous faith.

Who is most vulnerable to persecution?

Christ followers who come from other backgrounds are the most vulnerable to persecution across India, particularly communities who have faced historical oppression or discrimination such as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Additionally, church leaders and their families can be particular targets in places that are heavily influenced by violent extremists.

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