Water Well Drilling: Stories of Impact

In one village, an open well and small pond were the only sources of water, but they often failed to provide a sufficient supply of clean water. In the summertime, these sources often dried up. When rain once again filled the pond, it was commonly accompanied by leaves, garbage and cow manure. Unclean water led to various waterborne diseases and it was affecting the most vulnerable in the society, the little children and the elderly. Something needed to change.

Change came after NMM pastor Vikalson In Central India learned of their water crisis. Soon, the village
received a Jesus Well, at no cost to the community. Now the village has clean water year-round, protected from other contaminants and meeting the dire need of dozens of families.

Change was not only restricted to how they get their clean water but now this community is an example to others of water conservation and also caring for the children and the elderly. They have also reduced their medical bills and are happy to share and serve those around them through various means.

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