Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas in 2021!


You Can Make this Christmas With Hope Builders International!

Dear Friends,

Is it truly possible for a Christmas gift to reach into eternity?

Yes, when the gift opens the door to eternal life for the one receiving it.

Many gifts given to the ministries represented here will do that.

Through your gifts this year, Hope Builders sent life saving aid to Afghans trapped in their own country, helped with much needed relief aid to Haiti, funded life changing camp experiences in the Middle East and provided survival food deliveries to thousands of unemployed day laborers and their families in India.

All of these outreaches were accompanied with the Gospel message. Many came to Christ and were baptized.

We thank God for that. You have had a part in this expansion of God’s Kingdom. You can read about more opportunities for growth on the pages that follow.

Eternal Life can only be found in Jesus. Your Christmas gift to Hope Builders International this year will lead many to Him!

Lance & Christie



The news out of Afghanistan this fall has been horrendous.

But through your generosity and the sacrificial work of Af- ghan partners, many believers have been rescued, brought to safety, provided with emergency food supplies and many others are hearing of the saving grace of Jesus for the first time. While the situation on the ground remains very dangerous, the commitment of Afghan believers to save as many as they can has been truly stirring.

One group of believers was faced with interrogation by the Taliban before they could fly out of the country.

When the situation seemed hopeless, with many fervently praying, the person in charge simply said, “Let them go” As they hurried to the plane, one believer said, “This is what my Jesus did!” This testimony was heard by many of those around them. Life changing ministry to the Afghan people goes on in undisclosed areas. Your support is crucial in keeping that outreach going.


The Middle East Desperately Needs the Gospel

What is happening in the Middle East is heartbreaking. Yemen is one example, where civil war has led to fear, death, and famine. Lebanon is the same. The collapse of the Lebanese system, especially after the destruction of the port last year, has left the Lebanese people in despair. At this difficult time, Yemenis are seeking God
and getting to know Christ as Lord. Our partners are reaching out to them. Thirty three Yemenis, including 7 new believers have been attending meetings and eagerly growing in the Lord. They have found real joy in Jesus. Among their needs is medicine. Our partners provide this along with life changing literature to help them know God. Your support is making that possible!



Despite lying only 700 miles off the Florida Coast, Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world. The dreadful effects of gang activity, earthquakes, and the recent assassination of the Prime Minister have combined to leave the country in a state of seemingly perpetual poverty.

In the midst of this chaos, our ministry partners there stand as a beacon of light and hope to all around them. Their churches, schools, and farming projects show the way to a brighter future. Your gifts continue to help make that happen. Relief funds enable Haitians to deal with frequent disasters. After the recent earthquake HBI sent funds to help with church reconstruction and medical needs. This enables churches to be centers of hope sharing the love of Jesus with those around them.



Few gifts bring as much joy to hungry believers as receiving the written Word of God in their own language. Depending on the language area $5 to $10 can pay for the printing and delivery of a Bible to a seeking believer. Throughout countries like Cuba, India, Syria, Jordan and Nepal hundreds of thousands of believers wait for their first Bible. Every one of these Bibles can change hundreds more lives. Share in the blessing of bringing joy to a fellow believer’s heart as they receive their own copy of the Scriptures. The Indian believer shown here is a new Christian from a previously unreached In- dian tribal group. Reading the Lord’s Word will open up the truth to her of how great our God is.



According to the Joshua Project, there are over 3000 people groups around the world who have no witness for Christ among them. Our partners work to change that. One ministry has trained several thousand believers to take the gospel to the unreached. Through them over 600,000 people have come to Christ.

Another partner targets hard to reach Muslim background groups in their home state for evangelizing. Once a new people group opens to the Gospel, wonderful things happen. Destructive practices such as alcoholism and spousal abuse change. Literacy in- creases and health practices are learned, all a reflection of the growth of God’s Kingdom. God’s love becomes real to those He has created. This is vitally important as over 300,000 Indian villages wait for the Lord’s presence to be established in them.


Wells bring Life and Hope to Rural Villages

For many villages in India and Nepal, clean water is not available. It is not unusual for women and children to walk several miles each day to collect and carry home the water they need.

When there is no good well water, polluted stream water must be used. Worse still, if you are a Dalit, one of India’s “untouchables,” you will likely be barred from drawing water from a village well because of your social status. Believers in Christ, who are considered untouchables, especially suffer as persecution comes in the form of being banned from the local water source.

The good news is our partners are providing life giving wells to such communities. These wells give believers an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people in need of the true living water. A well can be provided for an entire community for $1800.


Farm Tools and Animals Bless Children’s Homes

With the precious gift of a new tractor, our partners in India have been able to plant their own crops, bringing hope for the future. This season they have planted rice, lentils, corn and vegetables. In the midst of the pandemic with rising food prices and shortages of all food types, this is a huge help to our friends there. Gifts of cows, goats and chickens provide those who care for children with a regular supply of milk and food for the children in their care. Partners in Uganda have been able to greatly expand their production though the farm implements provided to them. Because of this they can provide a nutritious breakfast to all the children at the school they operate.


Sewing Machines, Bikes, Motorbikes for Service and Self Support

Widows are often destitute in countries like Nepal. Sewing machines are helping to change the lives of widows and marginalized women. Through providing training and a sewing machine, women like those shown below can support themselves and their children. This happens in an environment where Christ is honored and the gospel is shared! One sewing machine costs $100. In India, bicycles and motorbikes greatly increase the range a native evangelist can travel to bring the gospel to his unreached neighbors. Bikes cost $100 and a motorcycle like the one shown here can be purchased for $1000. Many more villages can be reached through such a wonderful gift. costs $100.


Where Most Needed – Worldwide

Do you want to make a great impact but don’t have a specific need or place in mind?

Besides ministry needs already highlighted in this letter, a gift to Where Most Needed allows your gift to go to areas of strategic opportunity or challenge that our partners often face.

One example is that HBI was able to send immediate help to Afghan families that enabled many of them to escape the Taliban.

The funds also provided aid and opened the door for the gospel to be presented where there was no opportunity before. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated.


What We Do

HBI helps national leaders in the nations they serve. Our ministry partners plant churches, strengthen new believers, provide Bibles and training materials, do job training, run schools and children’s homes and care for widows and orphans.

We have been involved in this work for over 28 years and count it a great blessing. We hope for you a joy filled Christmas season and pray that the new year will bring great advance to the Kingdom of God through our partnership.

Lance & Christie Thollander
www.hope-builders.org info@hope-builders.org
P.O Box 91359 Austin, TX 78709



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