Wishing You A Merry Christmas In 2019!


You Can Make this Christmas With Hope Builders International!

Dear Friends,

Believers around the world will soon be celebrating the wondrous birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. As you consider the gift choices you will make for those you love, consider how the gifts in this letter can bring life changing blessings to our brothers and sisters in lands of poverty and persecution.

Yes, your gift choices make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve and those they serve. Whether it’s a goat, a Bible, a bicycle, supplies for children, a sewing machine or clean water, these gifts change lives in time and eternity.

Lance & Christie


BIBLES: Imagine Not Having Even One

Ministry partners regularly tell us of their need for Bibles. Many evangelists and pastors do not have an extra one to give to new believers.

This Jesus follower in Cuba, where over 100,000 have come to Christ in the past year, shows his joy in receiving a Spanish Bible.

Thousands are needed in Cuba for the growing harvest of souls there.

Thousands more have been requested by our partner in India.

Bibles can be purchased from $3 in Cuba to $5 in India to $10 in the Middle East. This blessed need continues to grow because of the great harvest for Christ by our friends overseas.


Clothes, shoes, school supplies bring joy at Christmas

Providing needy children with shoes, clothing and school supplies is a great gift.   Many children have only one set of clothing. Many others lack shoes, school uniforms, school supplies and tuition.

These are important items as children cannot attend school without them. When partners in Nepal provided school support for young Kiran, it changed his life. The education he received enabled him to start tutoring, earning extra money for his widowed mom.

Gifts given through HBI have changed his whole family’s future and they are grateful! $30 will provide a new set of clothes for a child. Another $30 per month will keep a child in school for a whole year.


Medical Ministry Draws People to Jesus

Those living in areas little reached by the gospel often have no access to medical care.

Medical camps set up to minister to them provide both physical relief and the chance to hear the good news of Jesus.

Every year hundreds of children and adults including pregnant women receive life changing care.

One camp can serve from 200 to 800 people. All of this in the Name of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.  $350 covers the cost of one medical camp in India.


Provision of Goats and Cows transforms lives 

Kapura lived a hopeless life  after her parents died and her husband fell ill. She was about to give up. Then she received 3 goats through a ministry’s help.

Through hard work, her little goat farm grew and her life changed. Her children were educated and eventually obtained excellent jobs. This story has been repeated over and over in the lives of those we serve. Kapura is shown on the first page with some of her goats. Rajesh dreamed for years of leading his family out of poverty. When he received a cow from an Indian ministry he saw that dream unfold.

Through the milk income received, he enrolled his kids in school, established a home and even bought goats for more income. His life testifies to God’s love and compassion. Three goats can be purchased for $200. A cow can be purchased for $500.


Bikes and Motorcycles: Critical Gospel tools for reaching unreached people groups

According to the Joshua Project, there are still over 7000 unreached people groups. Over 2000 of them are in India.

Our ministry partners are reaching them one by one. Last year alone 3 new people groups in the Indian state of Orissa had churches planted among them.

Bicycles and motorbikes are one of the greatest aids in reaching the unreached. One partner has a need for 25 bicycles and 5 motorbikes for their evangelists right now. In Haiti where villages also wait for the good news, pastors can use their motorbikes for income generation as taxi drivers. One bicycle costs $100. A motorcycle costs $1000.


Wells Sustain life and bring the gospel to rural villages

Today vibrant church communities are growing in villages where our ministry partners have provided a well.

As overseas leaders point out, it is difficult to preach about living water to someone who does not  have clean water to drink.

The provision of a well opens up the perfect opportunity to preach Jesus as the water of life! A well can be drilled in India for $1750.


Winter care program reaches out to refugees

Refugees in the Middle East suffer badly in the winter months.

They lack any kind of heating systems in their tents or the makeshift housing they have.

The basic supplies provided by our partners there include kerosene and propane heaters for $150 and $50, food parcels for $50, and bedding consisting of blankets, a mattress and 2 pillows for $50.  Donations to cover the cost of items being sent by container to the Middle East are also greatly appreciated.


Sewing Machines Mend Broken Lives

Sewing machines are changing lives in India and Nepal.

Through providing training and a sewing machine, men and women can earn income for their families.

Rani is one example. She loved Jesus and worshipped Him with believers in her village.

But, having no job skills she couldn’t provide for her family.

Then she heard of a tailoring program run by our partners in her area

After 4 months of training she was able to open a small business where she now earns $30-40 per month.

All this in an environment where Christ is honored and the gospel is shared!  One sewing machine costs $100.


Where Most Needed Worldwide

Want to make a great impact but don’t have a specific need or place in mind? A gift to Where Most Needed allows your gift to go to those areas of immediate and strategic opportunity our ministry partners regularly find themselves facing. Your gift of any amount can help families in need, help provide for schooling or vocational training or come to the aid of those hit by disaster or persecution.


What We Do

HBI helps national leaders in the nations they serve. Their ministry partners plant churches, strengthen new believers, provide Bibles and training materials, do job training, run schools and children’s homes and care for widows and orphans.

We have been involved in this work for 25 years and count it a great blessing.

We hope for you a joy filled Christmas season and pray that the new year will bring great advance to the Kingdom of God through our partnership.



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