Walking The Galatian Road

by Lance Thollander

A recent survey of self-identified Christians by noted researcher George Barna yielded this astonishing result: fully 81% of those surveyed said that maturity in Christ is measured by how well one keeps the rules. But when did ‘keeping the rules’ become a benchmark of those who follow Christ? And how have we traded in the Life giving power of the Lord Jesus for a set of restrictions?

In his new book, Walking the Galatian Road, Moving from Law to Life, Lance Thollander peels back the layers of how we got there and shows present-day believers how to leave a life characterized by legalism and guilt and return to the freedom of living by Christ.

Motivated by forty years of experience including relationships with God’s people in many parts of the world, Thollander gives examples to show how the incredible vitality and freedom found in Paul’s letter to the Galatians has been stolen away from believers. Then he returns the readers to the simplicity of life in the Spirit. A powerful combination of history and present-day reality in an easy-to-read format, this book takes the pressure off worn-out Christians to perform. If you are looking for a book that can restore your ‘first love’ relationship with your Heavenly Father; that takes a fearless look at how guilt has operated to short circuit your faith; and that provides frequent invitations for the reader to stop and spend time in the presence of a liberating and loving God, then Walking the Galatian Road, Moving from Law to Life is the book for you.

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