Update From Nepal

Dear Friends,

Here is a report we recently received from our ministry partners in Nepal describing the difficulties they are facing and their response to them. We hope you will be encouraged by their hearts to serve and will join us in praying for the Nepali people that the Lord will come to their rescue both spiritually and physically.

For HBI, Lance Thollander

Greetings and love from Nepal. We have been busy bringing the light of the Gospel to our land. Last April a terrible magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook the whole country and initiated one of the worst disasters in our memory. Nine thousand people died in the initial earthquake, 600,000 buildings were destroyed, and many aftershocks caused additional deaths and damage.

Then a new constitution was signed in August bringing sweeping political change. This led to tension with India. India wanted Nepal to return to the days when it was a Hindu Kingdom but this new constitution makes the nation more secular. Protests caused a blockade of imports. Due to that building reconstruction has been drastically slowed. Hospitals cannot afford medical help. The price of food is rising and many of our basic commodities like rice, cooking oil and gas for heating are very difficult to get.  Previously, for example, 300 trucks carrying fuel entered Nepal every day. Now the number is down to about 5. The U.N. estimates as many as 3 million Nepali children could face starvation if the situation does not change soon.

In the midst of this our humanitarian ministry, God’s Love for Orphans and Widows, GLOW, targeted three earthquake affected areas where we are working. We are distributing warm quilts in villages. Most of the earthquake survivors are living in temporary shelters. Many were left with only the clothes they had on their backs. Our goal is to provide warm clothing to 300 households. We have contacted a local manufacturer for jackets, fleeces, trousers and blankets for the people in those families. On average each family has five members and the cost will be $50 per family.  We need $15,000 to fully carry out that project. As the program grows, we will install water supply pipelines to the villages. Normally they have to walk a mile one way just to fetch water for their household needs.

Sewing and Tailoring Training

nepal quake photo 2Our sewing and tailoring training has been extended to more districts. The local churches there promote and manage these projects. This brings local buy-in to the effort. The church sets up the center, installs the sewing machines and obtains government approval. The training is primarily for flood victims and those who do not have the skills to make a living.  The cost is $2500 to set up each training center with the necessary machines. We are also working to provide filtered water for the 300 households.

In all these activities we greatly need the Lord’s guidance, power and provision. We covet your prayers and support as we reach out in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

With love in Him,

Your ministry partners in Nepal

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