The Kingdom of God

by Lance Thollander

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “the Kingdom of God”? An image from my youth flashes into my mind of a poorly dressed, somewhat crazy-looking man with a long straggly beard. He’s standing on a street corner in downtown San Francisco yelling at the top of his voice for people to repent. He’s holding a sign that reads: “The Kingdom of God is at hand.”

That was not a good introduction to the Kingdom of God. In fact, it made that Kingdom seem like something to avoid at all costs. God’s enemy would love to see that image, or any other negative one of the Kingdom of God, abound. He does not want to see the Kingdom of God made real. Where it thrives, he is defeated.

Of course, such negative images have nothing to do with the real Kingdom of God. This is a place of vitality, beauty, riches, glory, and humility. When we invite the Lord to bring to light the importance of his Kingdom, whole new vistas open up in understanding his purpose for this earth.

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