D. B. Hrudaya has always had a heart for the unengaged, unreached people groups in his Indian state of Orissa. After the super cyclone of 1999 where 100,000 children of such groups were left homeless, D.B. began to develop programs to reach out to them. Through starting what are called “Hold My Hand” clubs in rural villages for the children, D.B .has found favor in the eyes of those who have previously been hostile to the gospel. In Mayurbanj district alone, 100 Hold My Hand clubs have been started. These each include 30 children ages 5-11. They provide teaching material for the children and a set of clothing to each child. The children love these clubs and they open doors for D.B.’s evangelism teams to share the gospel. In Mayurbanj the Khadias and the Mankidias are among the most underprivileged people groups in India. Thankfully a work has now been established among the Mankidias and house churches have started to take root among them. Other people groups that D.B. has targeted include the Bathudis, the Bhumij, the Lodhas and the Dongrias.

You can make a difference by supporting the work of the Hold My Hold program and the wider evangelism that takes place through them. $3000 will provide start up costs to get this program underway by opening literacy centers and Hold My Hold clubs among an unreached people group.

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