Hope for Widow Kamala

Kamala is a widow. Kamala’s husband died in an accident in 2006 while working on a construction site. Widows and the fatherless are treated harshly in a Hindu society. In Nepal, a widow is blamed for her husband’s death and is accused of bringing ‘bad luck’ into the family. Likewise, the fatherless, rather than being helped, are ridiculed, shunned and taken advantage of. When Kamala’s husband died, the burden of looking after her children fell on her shoulders.

Kamala lives in a village in the western part of Nepal. On an evangelistic trip to her village, missionaries from our partners in Nepal led her to the Lord. For the first time in her life she experienced a deep peace and sensed the love that God has for her.

Kemala has 3 children, a son and two daughters. She is finding it very difficult to work and provide for her children because her earning is not sufficient. Kamala used to work as an unskilled laborer at construction sites around her village. She had to be away from early in the morning to late evening and could not give time for her children. She is physically weak as well. To help her start a new life, our partners helped her to open a small tea and snacks shop.

In April 2012, our friends visited Kamala. Through gifts provided through Hope Builders International they were able to help her stock the tea shop. Please pray for Kamala’s economical and spiritual life. We are also able to offer school support for her daughter Silpa who is in the 6th grade. She is very happy about this. While Kamala’s life is not easy, she is excited and thankful to receive the help from friends both local and overseas.

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