Plane Crash Disaster in Cuba Hits Ministry Hard

We are very sorry to report that 20 pastors and their spouses, eighteen of whom were part of our partner ministry in Cuba died when the plane they were on crashed shortly after takeoff in Havana.

The flight was headed to the eastern Cuban city of Holguin when it plummeted into in an agricultural area just outside of the capital. Our ministry partner Pastor Jesus Ledesma told us that the believers had just completed a seminar in Havana to better equip them to evangelize in the Holguin region. Altogether 111 people were killed.

The nearly 40-year-old Boeing 737-200 was owned by the Mexican airline Aerolíneas Damojh and leased to Cubana de Aviacion, the Civil Aviation Authority said. The charter flight “suffered a failure” and crashed about six miles from the airport.

Please join us in praying for the families of all those who lost their lives. One of the Holguin pastoral couples that is now with the Lord, is shown here along with their daughter who is now alone. Eleven other children have also lost their parents.

These workers were part of a great national effort to the gospel throughout Cuba. Starting in 2009, this project to reach Cuba for Christ under Pastor’s Ledesma leadership has borne tremendous fruit for the Kingdom of God. Over 1,500,000 Cubans have heard the gospel. Over 110,000 of them have professed faith in Christ. More than 300 congregations have joined together in this effort. Though they are greatly saddened by the loss of their brothers and sisters, this effort to reach the Cuban people continues on.
Pray that those left behind will find comfort in one another and in the Lord. Pray for their provision as the believers try to cope with this great loss. Pastor Ledesma and his co-workers are helping to provide support for the grieving families’ needs. To add a contribution to this ministry of mercy, click here.

With appreciation for your prayers and support,
Lance Thollander

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