The picture of the boy washing up dead on the shores of a Turkish town shocked and saddened the world. But he is not the only one to suffer such a fate. Many children have ended up that way. What a heart breaking tragedy! In the face of such suffering our friends at Manara Ministries are reaching out to the suffering refugees who have fled ISIS and Syrian forces. Besides providing meals, and relief supplies to refugees, Manara is providing some long range relief. They have built studio apartments in Jordan that can house up to 80 refugees. Each needy family will have their own space with a bathroom. A shared kitchen and a large hall will allow the families to cook together and give them some space where the children can play. The apart- ments need to be furnished so that families can move in. Beds, mattresses, pillows, cribs, cooking utensils, furniture and the like are all needed to allow the first families to move in. $2000 will help with this need.

“Turmoil and distress is all around us, everywhere we look there is someone who has been hurt, someone who needs medical help, someone who cannot work; people looking for hope and help. Still God is faithful for sending us people like you who help us so we can help them.”

– Isam Ghattas

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