Manara Ministries March Update

“Be a safe place for those on the run from the killing fields.” Isaiah 16:4

Dear Friends,

Here is a recent report from Isam Ghattas and our partners in Jordan. Isam shared with us the experience of a visiting American who was there to help them with a food distribution. This is what the American wrote:

isam dinner 2“Today, we served approximately 200 displaced Christians, all newly arrived from Iraq with just the clothes on their backs. A hot plate of rice and beans, tabouli, and a piece of chicken filled the stomachs and warmed the hearts of those in need. Looking on, I was again struck by the number of widows and children, who always bear a heavy and unfair burden from war. Following a time of prayer and delicious food, all were invited to take what they needed from tables of clothing, blankets and more. All left with a copy of The New Testament in Arabic. The kids gleefully charged the table of Christian children’s books and departed with one or more treasures clutched to their chests.

Like me, you would have admired the motivated performance of the small staff and volunteers. They also receive so much by giving a hot meal to a burdened refugee. Knowing little Arabic, I could only shake the hands of these new brothers and sisters in Christ, learn their names, and pat the shoulders of their little ones. Then on leaving, place my hand across my heart…and give them a smile to take with them. I know…had you been in my shoes, you would have also been touched in a deep and profound way.”

Isam went on to share this news with us. Reports from the fighting around Mosul in Iraq indicate that possibly 20,000 more refugees may be on the way to resource-stressed Jordan. For those of you supporting Manara International, our sincere gratitude. By God’s grace and your generosity, we hope to continue serving and encouraging all our brothers and sisters in need.

isam report 2Syria is now in its 7th year of civil war, with a total of over 400,000 dead, and 6,000,000 Syrians displaced. The end of the violence and suffering is not yet in sight. Brother Isam is now on his way to deliver much needed support for medicine and food and another $9,000 for Bibles. Recently Manara was given permission to enter the latest refugee camp in Jordan, near the Syrian border. The excitement of these stressed people in need is evident. It’s been an unusually cold winter in the desert. Yet, in the midst of this makeshift camp, these parents find a way to educate their children. Your help is invaluable to every refugee man, woman and child in this camp.

Thank you for your compassion and for your friendship. You are a constant encouragement to all at Manara. If the Lord leads you to share a special gift today to help us minister to those in need, you may send it to Hope Builders at the address below or give online on our website

Lance & Christie Thollander
Hope Builders International
PO Box 91359
Austin, TX 7870

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