Kingdom Advances in Haiti; A News Report from Cebian Alexis

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

Thank you very much for the support and prayers over the years for the work of Army of Christ in Haiti. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude to God for all of you. Let me simply say, “Thank you and I will continue to pray for you.” What faithful friends you are!

children in HaitiBecause of your help we have grown from just a couple of churches in Haiti in the 1970’s to now having 202 churches in Haiti, 29 in the Dominican Republic, and one each in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Chili, Brazil, and Florida. This makes us very happy and we know your hearts are encouraged, as well as you see the results of your giving. The most recent gift we received through Hope Builders support enabled us to construct a school in the interior village of Robinette. The children shown here will soon have a solid building to study in.

Let me share a few other stories with you. Before the Preacher’s Conference that we held in August, one of our dear pastors from Jeremie came to our clinic. He was suffering as a result of a stroke and he had high blood pressure. He couldn’t walk without a cane and he couldn’t speak clearly. After a month of treatment, he can now speak clearly and is able to walk without the cane. He needed $1,500 Haitian dollars to finish paying for a piece of land for his church. The past week we received US $200 from our supporters. This amount comes to $1600 Haitian, so we were able to cover his needs plus pay for his travel back to Jeremie. Thank you so much for this help!

Pastor CebienTwo weeks ago I had the privilege of going to the Dominican Republic for two weeks of seminars with the pastors there. While at the conference one pastor shared his church’s need for $1,300 Haitian dollars to finish paying for a piece of land for their meeting place. By the time I returned to Haiti, almost exactly $1,300 Haitian dollars had come in from friends in the US that we were able to send to him. So even before we presented this need to the Lord, He already had the provision on the way. We have a great God.

Thank you again for helping make a difference for the Lord and His kingdom here in our country.

Serving the Lord in Haiti,

Cebien Alexis
Pastor Cebien Alexis

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