Hope and Opportunity Amidst Adversity

Our Christian ministry partners have been working at the forefront of Christian outreach in the Middle East for over 30 years. They are uniquely positioned to impact communities throughout the region through emergency relief work, discipleship initiatives, and leadership training programs. These ministries are playing a vital role among Christians through projects such as:

Relief and Development campaigns: Feeding poverty stricken families in Jordan, Iraq, West Bank, Lebanon and Syria, in addition to micro-enterprise projects in poor Christian villages in Jordan.

  • Education: preschool programs for impoverished children
  • Literature: Distribution of Christian and educational books throughout the region, including Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan
  • Equipping Christian Youth Initiatives: Youth summer camps accompanied by preparatory training programs

Thousands of families have been blessed and sustained through the outreach programs of our ministry partners. Endless prayers have been answered. God has used these frontline ministries in profound and practical ways. Through our partnerships with Christian ministries, today there are amazing opportunities to do pioneer work in aiding and strengthening the Iraqi Christian community.

Christians in the Crossfire

It is clear that Iraq today is not simply wracked by political conflicts; it is profoundly a religious battleground. The sectarian violence engulfing Iraq involves not only Sunnis and Shiites; it also pits Muslim insurgents against Christians. Iraqi Christians are often viewed as part of the “Christian occupying West”, and thus blamed for the current hardships and traumas. As a result, the marginalized Christian community in Iraq faces adversity and persecution.

Yet, despite these struggles, there is a growing number of churches in Iraq. Through our ministry partners working in Iraq, we seek to strengthen and encourage these frontier churches by providing them with essential training resources. Would you like to help provide the following resources to Christians in Iraq:

Bible Commentaries for Iraqi Christian Leaders

Bible Correspondence Courses for Young Iraqis

Christian Books for Iraqi Widows

Work Among Iraqi Refugees:

The number of Iraqi Christians living in Iraq has fallen from 1.4 million in the 1980’s to less than 500,000 today. The largest host countries of Iraqi refugees are Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. Most of these refugees have lost all assets and property and live on the margins of society, both socially and economically, with few options for employment and limited access, if any, to medical services and education for their children. They have been traumatized, lost loved ones and seen their lives shaken to the core. They ache to see God’s face in the midst of their sufferings. Our ministry partners are supporting Christian schools that have opened their doors to Iraqi refugees. Your help is needed to keep these schools running.

To contribute to any of the above mentioned programs go to our Contribute page and designate your gift there. All gifts are tax deductible.

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