Homes of Hope in India provide hope for the desperate in society. The Hindu culture is not favorable for poor children. Many end up begging, in child slavery, and forced into brothels. Every year thousands of children go missing, some even used to harvest organs for mafia gangs that operate with the knowledge of the police.

Our ministry partners in India have stepped in to bring relief to children like these, establishing Homes of Hope where poor children can be educated in an environment of love and safety. 50 such children are finding happiness and new life in a central Indian location that Lance will be visiting in November. Through regular devotions they come to under- stand the truth of the God who loves them. This home is in need of a new washing machine, musical instru- ments and computers. $3000 will help provide these needs.

“Joy unspeakable… peace deep within…satisfaction beyond measure…an overwhelming presence of God”

These were all phrases used to describe the 2014 Navapur Annual Con- vention held by our partner organization. A huge tent that could hold up to 50,000 people was jammed so full that it was not possible to walk among the crowd. Lance will be visiting this convention in No- vember while also traveling to see several other ministries that Hope Builders serves in India. He will be taking available funds with him for the Indian ministries we serve so they can be there in time to provide a Christmas blessing.

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