Pastor Cebien Alexis and his Army of Christ ministry is making a huge difference in the lives of many throughout Haiti. Through education, medical services, nursing and farming programs and evangelistic outreaches, thousands are hearing the gospel, and responding to the Lord. They are seeing Jesus do for them what voodoo and witchcraft never could: bring them peace and hope. Earlier this year several evangelistic crusades were held in the area of Jacmel. Over 10,000 came at a time and hundreds of them received Jesus.

Up in the mountains of Haiti in an area where there is no running water and hundreds of children had to walk 3 hours to get an education, a school is being built. In addition a well is being constructed. Once there is water crops can be planted and local food avail- able to feed the children. In addition, Nursing, Agronomy and English programs have been opened at the University level. You can help Cebien expand this great work by giving for cru- sade costs, school needs or well construction.

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