by Lance Thollander

We are happy to announce the offering of a free e-Book. Exploring the Divine, Finding God’s Heart in Words of Wonder offers a refreshing look at some of our most precious Christian concepts. It is an updated and expanded version of Lance Thollander’s first book, Unleashing the Divine. This book will encourage your heart, draw you into fellowship with the Lord Jesus and speak to anyone who has lost sight of the wonder of knowing Him. It is available in Kindle, Nook or PDF format and can be found at Forge Life Press.

From the beginning of time God intended to have a deep communication with his beloved creation, a communication so personal that its end result would be the dispensing of God himself, through Christ, into you and me. To that end throughout Scripture, the Lord introduces us to wondrous truths, full of meaning and carrying an invitation to realms of experience found only in God himself; truths captured in words like Life, the Word of God, the Cross,Heaven, the Church, and the Spirit. These profound words and the meanings they carry were designed to bring us into an ongoing relationship with God. But do they?

Exploring the Divine takes a fresh look at concepts of faith central to a vibrant Christian experience. These concepts have suffered years of trite use, cultural attack, and shallow interpretation thus sapping the vitality of Christian faith in America. These words are sung, prayed and used everyday without deep meaning. As a result their ability to bring believers to a loving relationship with their Lord has been weakened. The book recaptures the depths of these concepts encouraging committed believers and energizing those whose faith has become legalistic or boring. It kindles love for Christ and a desire to pursue him with others of similar passion. Believers from 18 to 80 and beyond will find encouragement in its pages.

This book is available for free as a Kindle and PDF eBook (soon to be available for the Nook).

Download it for FREE from Forge Life Press.

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