Cycle CROSS America is coming to a close!

Our riders have done extremely well. The guys cycled all across America from Los Angeles to Jacksonville FL. On the way we have done “Cross Walks” in eight states that we traveled through.

What have we achieved spiritually? We exceeded our expectations! We blessed, challenged and encouraged many individual believers; we challenged churches to refocus on the cross; we lifted the cross above the many divisions, whether racial, religious, or political; we led several to personal faith in Jesus Christ and prayed for many others in churches and on the streets.

In New Orleans, for example, we did a Cross Walk through part of the French Quarter including Bourbon Street. We were well received as we handed out cards and got to chatting with several people along the way. After an amazing meal with some local believers, we went back into the French Quarter at night to share our faith with those who would listen. Once again we were well received. We spoke to lots of people and prayed with several, but praise God we also led two people to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

We talked with Palmists and Tarot card readers etc. I felt one young man was about to get off his chair and follow us. I KNOW we touched his life. Another young man approached me and tried the same scam that another had tried on me in San Francisco, but within 10 minutes I leading him in a prayer of surrender to Christ as we stood in the middle of Bourbon Street.

Financially we are happy to say that we have covered our expenses, but we would love to make sure that we contribute something to our ministry back in Belfast. You can help by making a donation on line right now by going to the Hope Builders International Contribute page.

Many thanks to those who have contributed as individuals or as churches. Thanks also to everyone who gave us water to drink and a place to stay. If you have done this to us, you have also done it unto Christ.

God bless,

Jack McKee

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