Container on its way to Syria

lift with boxesWe are glad to let you know that the container that we asked for your help in filling is on its way to Jordan. The clothing, blankets, food, and relief supplies that filled the 40 foot container will bring much needed aid to many refugees. Nonetheless, the situation in Syria continues to worsen.

Here is a letter that we received from Isam Ghattas letting us know about the current situation and asking for your prayers. May the Lord bring much needed relief to them in this desperate hour.

With love,

Lance Thollander
Greetings from Jordan!


We at Manara International are saddened to report that the conflict in Syria grows worse everyday. We’re in dire need of prayer warriors to get through this conflict that has greatly affected Jordan since Syrian refugees have entered Jordan. King Abdullah has stated that the influx of refugees in this country is not something they can manage. There are very few resources to accommodate the 240,000 registered refugees (there’s an estimated 500,000 if all were registered). In total, one million Syrians have fled their home country since the start of the war.

What can we do during this hour of conflict? Prayer is essential and we are reaching out to you for that very purpose!

Besides the horror of all those who have died, there is the painful reality that many Syrian women have had to turn to prostitution to earn money for their families to live on. Not only that, many women are being sold into this lifestyle by families desperate to survive. Please pray for the burden that is upon Syria and its people. Another prayer point is for five women (four daughters and their mom) who came to Jordan from Aleppo without their husbands to seek refuge. We are afraid that these women are in danger of compromising their faith as Christians and becoming Muslim because of the unstable and desperate situation that they’re in.

Please pray that they will receive the accommodations and food that they need to survive in Jordan. One of the daughters has a virus and we were fortunate enough to help her by paying for her hospital visit. The father of this family was killed in Syria and only his wife knows this. She has yet to share the tragic news with her daughters. She also has two sons who are currently locked up in jail in Syria. As you can see, there are a lot of burdens upon this woman’s life so please remember this family in your prayers.

Let us be one voice in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the people of Syria; that God will redeem this country to Himself and that His peace will overflow from our hearts into the nation of Syria.

With love in Christ,

Isam Ghattas on behalf of Manara International

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