Catastrophic News pours in from around the world

Dear Friends,

The tragic events in Afghanistan and Haiti are deeply saddening to us all. In Haiti. one of Pastor Cebien’s main churches in Jeremie in southwest Haiti, was leveled and there is much destruction all around the area. So far they’ve identified three parishioners who have died. Many are still missing. A landmark mountain range in the area collapsed in on itself engulfing entire neighborhoods while citizens were still in their homes. The aunt of one of Cebien’s assistants also lost her home in the earthquake. We are still gathering details regarding those affected and the amount of damage sustained. Thankfully, the locations in Port Au Prince, central Haiti, and North Haiti were not affected. HBI is sending funds to help with such items such as water, food, shelter, and miscellaneous costs including funeral expenses for those who have perished.

The news from Afghanistan is catastrophic. Besides the overall dangers facing the Afghan population,
believers, including Afghan pastors and leaders are being targeted for retribution by Islamic forces. While we cannot give specific details regarding those affected, we have several contacts who are involved in rescue activities centered on Afghan believers and their families. Prayer and specific strategic help are the main avenues we have to help with those suffering and we continue to call out to the Lord for miraculous deliverance for his people and the suffering Afghani land.

If you would like to help in our efforts in either place, please click on the donation icon and enter your gift there.

Calling out with you to our Merciful Lord,

Lance & Christie Thollander

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