Camp Gilead Prepares for Summer of Ministry


Camp Gilead Prepares for Summer of Ministry | Amman, Jordan

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This was the scene here in Amman in January, when the worst winter storms in two decades blasted the Middle East. It was very beautiful. But it was also very damaging and deadly. And it did not spare Camp Gilead. As most of you know, Mount Gilead lies east of the Jordan River and extends from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea, sixty miles long and twenty wide.

Every summer, hundreds of children from different backgrounds encounter God in Camp Gilead’s two-and-a-half acres, where they are healed from the deadly wounds of sin. They are refreshed and strengthened in a world of trees and open sky, away from TV and traffic and the endless news of death and destruction. And every summer, many who come lost leave saved.

With the arrival of spring and the promise of summer, the children are already looking forward to attending the camps. And we too are looking forward, as we begin long weeks of preparation and training. I don’t know of camp counselors anywhere in the world who are trained as extensively and thoroughly as the young men and women who serve at Camp Gilead. But then, few counselors anywhere else have the challenges that present themselves when ministering to children who are born and raised in a perpetual war zone like the Middle East—children forced to deal everyday with fear, trauma, and hopelessness, in addition to the normal trials of childhood. The first round of counselor training begins next week, at the same time that we start to clean up the mess and damage left by the storms and flooding.

camp-gilead-blanketsThis year, we are also in urgent need of new mattresses and tents, some of which are simply worn out from years of use, some that was damaged by the storms. In addition, we need to repair damaged bathrooms and fences around the campgrounds. Will you join us in our preparations for this powerful ministry to Jordanian children and the children of Iraqi and Syrian refugees?


Pray for protection against Islamic extremists who have threatened and attacked us and the camp in the past. What God is able to accomplish in the children every year is a thorn in the devil’s side. And there is little he will not attempt to stop it. Pray that we will be able to restore the camp to its pre-storm condition. Pray for the counselors as they continue to train.

And please consider sending a gift to help us replace the worn and damaged camp equipment and purchase the truckloads of supplies we need every year to create an environment in which the Holy Spirit is free to minister to the children.

The cost breakdown for the new mattresses, tents, and repairs is as follows:

$3,900 for 130 mattresses ($30 each)

$7,280 for 13 tent canvases ($560 each)

$11,200 for repairs to facilities

Finally, please ask God to send us many children who do not know him, who have never even heard the gospel before. Thank you for your gracious support in the past. We look forward to serving the Lord with you again this year.
Peace be with you

Isam and Nihad Ghattas

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