Breaking Voodoo’s Chains in Haiti

Pastor CebienHaiti lies only 700 miles off our shores. Yet our neighbor to the South is light years away in terms of need. 50% of Haitians earn less than $1 a day. Over 67% do not have regular jobs. Half of the children under 5 are malnourished and over 7% of children die at birth. 50% of children are not able to attend school and 60% of those who do will leave before the 6th grade. The country is racked with voodoo’s dark superstitions and demon possession. Into this chaos steps Dr. Cebien Alexis and the Army of Christ. Since the 1970’s they have planted 202 churches in Haiti and another 29 in the Dominican Republic. They have started schools, a children’s home, a medical clinic and a training center for pastors and community leaders as well as a Bible Training University. HBI recently provided funds to build a school for the children shown here. School books and supplies are needed. Will you help the students?
secondary neep classroom

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