Blessing the Family at Christmas

Hope Builders International Christmas Catalogue for 2014

Dear Friends,

The world lies hurting and lost without Christ. The Lord’s enemy is doing all he can to keep the Gospel of Christ from advancing into dark strongholds. Because of that, stories of persecution against believers in Christ abound. From ISIS mercilessly killing believers in the Middle East and driving them from their homes, to a young couple brutally killed in Pakistan for their faith to daily reports of churches being attacked in India, we are witnessing opposition of Biblical proportion to the Gospel. Millions around the globe are oppressed because they simply name the Name of Jesus, want to read the Bible, meet in a home with other believers or pray to a loving God. They covet our support and prayers as they carry the Gospel to those in darkness. We as believers and sharers in the Life of God are all part of His family. In this catalogue are ways to support our greater family around the world. Your gifts and prayers encourage them more than you know. Join us in blessing them this year through these special Christmas gifts.

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