Amani: Reaching the Muslim Woman

There is arguably no group of people on the planet more oppressed than Muslim women in Islamic societies. Born into a political/social/religious culture that compares women to donkeys and dogs, they are discriminated against from birth, forced to live behind a curtain of black, given permission by the Qur’an to be beaten by their husbands and told that they are the predominant inhabitants of hell. Who will introduce them to a loving God who made them in his image?

Into this picture steps Amani. Born into a Muslim family, Amani was raised by her grandmother. She was taught to be a free thinker in all areas except her Islamic faith. Shockingly, her mother became a believer in Christ when Amani was 13. This started Amani on her own quest for faith where as a young teen she gave her heart to Christ. After her mother was forced to leave the country, Amani’s faith suffered.

Unable to leave with her, without fellowship, and afraid of an arranged marriage to a strict adherent of Islam, she married a man seemingly less committed to Islam. At first he allowed her to practice her own faith in secret, but then, after the birth of two children, she was forced to wear the head covering and instruct her children from the Qur’an. She was sickened by the spiritual poison she was forced to feed them.

Then one day—miraculously—she was permitted to visit the United States with her children. Once here she rededicated her life to Christ and began to study the Bible like never before. When her husband heard about it, he demanded her return. She was forced into hiding for ten years. Her husband sent people to bring her back and threatened to kill her. She had been married for nine years and experienced first hand the degradation that Muslim women endure. She suffered abuse and was treated as a mere object. She knew that women in the grip of Islam suffer a life of great pain and hopelessness. Eventually the Lord opened the door for her to begin ministering to Muslim women. Through Christian TV broadcasters she had met as a teen ager she was invited to share her experience on a TV show reaching out to Muslims. These people had a listening audience numbering in the millions.
Eventually, Amani hosted several episodes of the program. Then in September 2009, along with three other Christian women from a Muslim background, they launched The Muslim Women’s program on the same channel. Instantly, they had a built-in audience of millions. This program includes a call-in opportunity where women from around the world can voice their opinions, share their struggles and ask questions—opportunities they have never had before. Many have come to Christ and are receiving follow-up through the Internet, phone calls and even personal visits. Many men are also watching the program and calling in with questions.

Last year Amani’s show aired twice a month. There is a huge demand to make it a weekly show. But this is expensive. Each show costs approximately $8000 to produce. That is a lot but when you consider that it is seen by millions of viewers throughout the Middle East who have no other access to the truth, the show is extremely cost effective. Thousands upon thousands respond by phone, by email and through an online website linked to the show. If you’d like to have a part in bringing Amani’s message to more and more Muslim women and their families contact us at Hope Builders International. In this season of turmoil in the Middle East many hearts are open to the gospel of peace. Amani and her co-workers are one avenue to bring them to Jesus Christ, the One for whom their hearts long.

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