Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas in 2022


Let’s Make this an Amazing Christmas through Hope Builders International!

Dear Friends,

My mother, Nor Thollander, loved Jesus! From the time she met him at age 44 until she entered glory this year at 97, her heart was fully His. And she loved celebrating his birth. Christmas always included a cake in honor of her beloved Lord and a special gift for the needs of believers around the world.

She was thrilled to discover that a bicycle or a Bible or a lantern or a gift of chickens could expand the reach of the Gospel in countries like India or Uganda or in the Middle East. You can have the same joy this year in making this an amazing Christmas for God’s people in need.

Through your gifts, the unreached can be reached, the Word of God can be shared, Eternal hope and life can be offered to wid- ows and orphans, living water can be made available and Jesus will be magnified! Read on to find out how you can help make this the best Christmas ever for our overseas friends!

Lance Thollander, President, Hope Builders



The news out of Afghanistan and Ukraine this year has been and continues to be tragic!

But through your generosity and the sacrificial work of HBI partners, many believers have been rescued, brought to safety, provided with emergency food supplies and many others are hearing of the saving grace of Jesus for the first time.

While the situation on the ground remains very dangerous in both places, the Lord’s work moves forward.

Support for those who have fled their homes in Ukraine remains a vital lifeline to them.

Ministry and aid to the Afghan people goes on in undisclosed areas.


The Middle East Outreach Changes Lives

Our Middle East partners are busy reaching out to those around them. They offer a wonderful opportunity to meet Jesus at their Summer long camp near Mt. Nebo in Jordan. Many of the Christian leaders in this region had their first exposure to the Gospel at this camp.

This past summer hundreds more young people gave their hearts to Jesus at the camp. Some of them are pictured here. In addition outreach continues among the Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni refugees who continue to migrate to Jordan. Our partners provide them with life sustain- ing food, medicines and the Hope found in Jesus through Gospel literature. Your support is making that possible!



It’s not surprising that India would have the world’s highest percentage of widows given their low standard of living, poor health conditions, bad water an overall disregard for the value of a human life. The same goes for the number of orphans found there similarly numbered in the tens of millions.

So also we should not be surprised that Indian ministries make orphans and widows a particular target of their loving care. Such people flourish under the care of ministries like Compassion for Orphans where hundreds of children have been raised up over the last ten years to live lives of service to Je- sus and their communities. Gifts to CFO this year will be used to provide new clothes, medicines, outreach to unreached village children like those shown here, a special Christmas meal and their own copy of the Word of God.



Few gifts bring as much joy to hungry believers as receiving the written Word of God in their own language. Depending on the language area $5 to $10 can pay for the printing and delivery of a Bible to a seeking believer.

Throughout countries like Cuba, India, Haiti, Jordan and Nepal hundreds of thousands of believers wait for their first Bible. Every one of these Bibles can change hundreds more lives.

In addition, gifts like bicycles and motorbikes greatly increase the range a native missionary can travel to bring the Gospel to those who haven’t heard.



According to the Joshua Project, there are over 3000 people groups around the world who have no witness for Christ among them. Our partners work to change that. One ministry has trained several thousand believers to take the gospel to the unreached.

ministry partner who is reaching new groups in his home state of Odisha in India, plans to distribute 5000 blankets among targeted groups this winter. Through such outreaches God’s love becomes real to those who do not know him. This is vitally important in India where as over 300,000 villages wait for the Lord’s presence to be estab- lished in them.


Wells bring Life and Hope to Rural Villages

Leena and her family were the first believers in her Indian village. Because of that they faced a lot of persecution from their neighbors. They were not even allowed to draw water from the village well. Their family turned to the Lord Jesus praying for His help. Then our friends at Native Mission- ary Movement met them and heard of their troubles.

Through the gift of a generous HBI donor, funds were pro- vided to drill a well near their home. Now they and many other villagers have a source of good drinking water and the whole area has opened up to the Gospel.

These wells give believers an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people in need of the true living water. A well can be provided for an entire community for $1800. Leena and her family are pictured here at the well.


Farm Supplies Open Gospel Avenues in Cuba, Uganda

Our partners in Cuba regularly go on the streets and into the country side to
bring the good news of Jesus to those held captive to a Communist ideology.
Hundreds are coming to Christ every month. Under the leadership of Pastor Ledesma, a former official in Castro’s government, they know that Jesus is the answer for the longing in their hearts for peace.

They have begun a project to start local businesses by raising chickens and pigs. This is needed due to the country’s ongoing poverty. $500 will provide the supplies and animals needed to get started.

In Uganda, the provision of an electric corn mill will provide quality flour to feed the children our partners there serve. They educate and feed the children of impoverished villagers that the Lord has called them to serve. The recent increases in gas prices has driven the cost of flour to new highs.


Sewing Machines and Salvation!

Widows are often destitute in countries like Nepal. Sewing machines are helping to change the lives of widows and marginalized women.

Through providing training and a sewing machine, women like those shown below can support themselves and their children.

This happens in an environment where Christ is honored and the gospel is shared! One sewing machine costs $100. In India, bicycles and motorbikes greatly increase the range a native evangelist can travel to bring the gospel to his unreached neighbors. Bikes cost $100 and a motorcycle like the one shown here can be purchased for $1000. Many more villages can be reached through such a wonderful gift. costs $100.


Where Most Needed – Worldwide

Do you want to make a great impact but don’t have a specific need or place in mind?

Besides ministry needs already highlighted in this letter, a gift to Where Most Needed allows your gift to go to areas of strategic opportunity or challenge that our partners often face.

One example is that HBI was able to send immediate help to Ukrainian believers like those shown here left homeless after the Russian bombing this year.

The funds provided aid and opened the door for the gospel to be presented where there was no oppor- tunity before. Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated.


What We Do

HBI helps national leaders in the nations they serve. Our ministry partners plant churches, strengthen new believers, provide Bibles and training materials, do job training, run schools and children’s homes and care for widows and orphans.

We have been involved in this work for over 29 years and count it a great blessing. We hope for you a joy filled Christmas season and pray that the new year will bring great advance to the Kingdom of God through our partnership.

Lance & Christie Thollander
www.hope-builders.org info@hope-builders.org
P.O Box 91359 Austin, TX 78709



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