Rescuing Children from Oppression and Despair


How Compassion for Orphans saves Young Lives

For fifteen years Sheba Sunayana has been rescuing abandoned and orphan children in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
She takes them in because these children are:

  • Disfigured through the loss of an eye, leg or arm and put out on the street to beg
  • Taken by the rich to serve as maids and servants in their homes
  • Brought up for use as prostitutes
  • Simply left on the streets to die of neglect
  • Kidnapped and trained for use by militant organizations

rescuing-childrenWhen Sheba, shown here with street children, was exposed to these heart stirring situations she had to help. Starting with five children in 1999, CFO now cares for 150 children between the ages of 3 to 15 at a cost of $30 per month per child.



Here is one of their stories:

Naveen was rescued by his grandmother and mother and brought to the C FO home. Both his parents were idol worshipers who had never heard of Christ. Early one morning his father had a fight with a neighbor and was killed in front of his wife and Naveen. Despite their calls for help, no one came. Naveen and his mother ran for their lives as they were next. They fled to his grandmother who brought them to our mission. It took many months for Naveen to come out of the shock. Now he is the most obedient, happy, clever boy in our home. He accepted Jesus as his Savior and leads devotional songs morning and evening. He has become a praise to God.

There are many real stories like this. Sheba is able to do this with all the prayers and financial support she receives from friends. The reality today is that these children are becoming lovers of the Lord Jesus who in the days to come will take the message of his forgiveness and life to the ends of their country. CFO’s pressing needs include more sponsorships for the children and funding help to put up a permanent school building so they can get government recognition for their programs.

Your helping hand enables Sheba and her co-workers to save these children and bring smiles and hope to their lives. We have seen those smiles and they are radiant.

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