Latest News from Compassion for Orphans: The Hopeful Story of Nikitha

This report arrived in our office this week from Sheba Sunayana, our ministry partner in central India. We hope you will be encouraged by the story of Nikitha, a student in her care.

“Nikitha joined our home at the age of 8 along with her sister. When I first saw Nikitha, shown right, her eyes were full of tears and fear. Her father had brought the sisters to our children’s home. He told us that the girls’ mother had died a few months earlier. He said that Nikitha was very stubborn and rude. She hated everyone and would never listen to anyone. As a result, everyone hated her. I realized I had to pay special attention to her and started to spend extra time with her. After a while, Nikitha began to trust me. One day she broke into tears telling me that her mom had set herself on fire because her father had abused her for not giving birth to a boy. I cried with her and prayed for her. I told her that God loved her. She started to put her faith in Jesus and soon accepted Him as her Savior. Since then she has completely changed and has become a powerful witness for Christ. God has blessed her in her studies and she is now starting college. We are sponsoring her for her college tuition. She shares God’s love with her friends and is a star shining for Christ.

Seeing lives changed like this makes me so happy and encouraged to do more work for the Lord. Watching the children learn and grow in faith is a great blessing. Our challenging reality is that the more evangelical work that goes on in India, the more persecution and trouble we face. For example, our neighbors and the local people hate us because we are Christians. They say bad words when we go by their property on the way to the orphanage. We have been facing this for a long time and we are praying that someday the Lord will change their minds. Will you join us in that prayer?

On Mother’s Day I received special greetings and well wishes from the girls in our charge. One of the girls told me that since she didn’t have a mother any more, I would be her mother. Such words remind me of my responsibility, not only to educate them but to provide a loving environment for them. In some cases, I am not only mother but also father, sister and friend, too. Sometimes I feel scared with that responsibility so I ask the Lord to give me more strength to do his work, to be able to care for all the big and small needs these children have.

Compassion for Orphans could not be run without your prayers and financial support. Your support helps children like Nikitha have the hope of a fulfilling life and in Christ one that will last forever.

We greatly appreciate your continued support. To cover all our monthly financial needs takes about $4000 which is an ongoing challenge for us. Please remember us in your prayers that the Lord will continue to help us go forward.

On a personal note, my son David Livingstone has finished his 1ST Year in Bible College and ranked at the top of his class. My daughter, Florence, graduated from high school and excelled. Now we are looking for sponsors to help her meet her college tuition. My mother is doing very well. The Lord has done great wonders in her life. She is completely cured of cancer. Thank you all for praying for her. My brother’s family has also been taking part in ministering with the children. This has been a great help, as well. Special gifts for CFO can be sent to Hope Builders at PO Box 91359, Austin, TX 78709 or given online at

With deep love for you,
Sheba Sunayana

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